Thursday, 2 January 2014

Get Paid To Surf And Do Surveys

Digital Trends Panel

How would you like £15 in thirty days time for doing pretty much next to nothing? If the answer is yes, then sign up to the Digital Trends Panel and install the nurago Web Meter. You also get the chance to complete some easy surveys.

You earn £15 for keeping nurago Web Meter installed and activated for thirty days. I've personally been paid this so can vouch that it's legitimate and does pay. My wife has also been paid £15 for having it installed on her laptop for thirty days.

You also get a further £5 every 90 days after you keep the Web Meter activated and an entry into the monthly prize draw. I can again vouch for the extra £5 - I've received it twice and my wife has received it once. If you don't think it's worth having the Web Meter installed any longer than the first thirty days, you can always uninstall it once you get paid.

You can refer your friends and family and earn an extra £1 for everyone who keeps the Web Meter activated for thirty days. You also get a £5 bonus if five people you refer keep the Web Meter activated for thirty days. I can't vouch for these payments and have never received them even though I know I have referred at least two people who have received their £15 payments.

There is no members area or login where you can check how many people you have referred so you don't know if the tracking is working or not. In my experience, it isn't and you have no idea of how many people you have referred. Having said that, it's still worth signing up and using it for one month to get the £15 payment. Refer your friends and family too, you're doing them a favour, they'll be getting £15 too.

You also get the chance to complete some quick and easy surveys and I've received a number of £1, £1.50, and £2 payments for completing the surveys.

What is The Digital Trends Panel?

Digital Trends Panel is a market research study being run by GfK, one of the world’s largest market research companies,  and is designed to help GfK's clients answer important questions such as:

  • What different technologies do people own and what do they use them for?
  • How does the arrival of new technology affect media use?
  • Do people notice advertising, and how relevant or irrelevant do they find it?
  • How popular are different media activities among different types of people?

What is the nurago Web Meter?

nurago Web Meter serves to research the usage of certain online offers. It records which websites you visit while you are using the Internet. nurago Web Meter registers the addresses (URLs) and contents of websites that you visit and your engagement with those sites. Therefore, nurago Web Meter is activated every time you open your browser.

nurago Web Meter works silently in the background and does not affect your surfing speed. It will not impact browser functionality in any way.

The nurago Web Meter collects the following types of information:

  1. URLs (A URL is the address of a specific website or file on the internet. An example of a URL would be
  2. All content on unsecured websites you visit (this is done by collecting an unsecured page's source code, which allows us to reproduce a "screen shot" of each unsecured webpage you view)
  3. User clicks
  4. Internet search engine queries and results
  5. Displayed advertisements
  6. Data about the programs installed and used on your computer (for example, which instant messaging or browser software is installed and used on your computer)
  7. Data about your computing device that is generally available when your computing device connects to the Internet (for example, your IP address, operating system and browser type)
  8. Cookies.
The nurago Web Meter does not collect:

  1. Keystrokes or information that is entered into a web-form, such as website ids or passwords, credit card numbers or other financial account numbers, or other private data on a page in secure session.
  2. On secured (SSL-encrypted) pages we will not collect page content or form-data. Only the page URL will be collected.
To join Digital Trends you must:

  • live in the UK,
  • be 18 years old or over,
  • be able to install software on your main computer which must have a Windows® operating system
  • be using either Google Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox® or Microsoft® Internet Explorer to browse the internet.
CLICK HERE to join the Digital Trends Panel.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Get Paid To Search

This is open to UK and US surfers. You install a small browser add-on which shows you additional results when you search on Ebay, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You earn money when you click on one of the extra search results. The amount you earn for each click varies and I've found it to usually be 5p, 6p, or 7p.

You don't get many clicks each day but the amount you earn does add up slowly. I've so far earned just over £23. There's no minimum payout and it's paid instantly to your PayPal account. You can also refer your friends and earn a £0.50 bonus when they make their first PayPal cashout.

 The system is not designed to be abused. You won't earn anything by making random searches in the hope of clicking on the extra search results. It's best just to search as you normally would and click on the extra results when you see them if they are of interest to you.

CLICK HERE to sign up with Qmee.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Get Paid To Surf

Gomez Peer Zone

Click Here To Go To Gomez Peer Zone

This is a really easy money maker. You get paid just for surfing the internet just as you normally would. The only difference is that you download a program that works in the background while you are surfing.

This is legitimate. I’ve been paid five times to date and I’ve reached the minimum required for my sixth payout. The actual pay rate is quite low so it probably won’t cover the cost of leaving your computer on permanently just to run the program. It’s extra money that you wouldn’t normally be making.

The minimum payout is $5 so you might make that every month or every other month. The amount you earn depends on how long your computer is on and how many computers you have the program installed on. I’ve got the program installed on one desktop computer and one laptop computer and earn between $0.10 and $0.20 a day thus reaching the $5 payout every month or every other month.

It’s not a great earner but it’s one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet. The program doesn’t slow your computer down and can be configured so that it just runs minimised in the task bar. You also earn a $1 referral bonus for every person that signs up under you and becomes active.

What the program does is test the performance of websites without you visiting them by utilising your system’s idle resources such as unused processing power, RAM, and bandwidth.

The program does not monitor or record any of your personal web browsing activity.

CLICK HERE to take a look at Gomez Peer Zone and sign up.